Percorsi Musicali (Musical paths) is a magazine dedicated to an orientation toward and keeping current with contemporary music in the expressive forms that belong to our time. Ettore Garzia is the founder and editor of the magazine. Percorsi Musicali aims to address the musical arts wherever they are, with accents on classical composition and improvisation. Every month, it offers new topics of knowledge via critical essays, specific sections, short interviews and selected reviews of CDs and books.

The webzine “Percorsi Musicali” has paid articles and some free articles.

You can buy single articles or make a subscription. With your subscription you can freely check all the years of the magazine.

Those who want to buy single articles (with a variable price from 2 euros upwards) must follow this procedure:

  1. First, access to the article to buy;
  2. Click on bar/link “Continua lettura” paghi solo 2 euros (the price is variable, from 2 euros upwards);
  3. You will have the access to paypal without any registration;
  4. Make the payment and read the article.

For those who want to make a subscription (49 euros) we have three options:

  1. click on bar/link “Tutti gli articoli 12 mesi 49 euro” in any of the paid articles: new subscribers will be automatically redirected to paypal for the purchase and execution of the payment. At the end of the procedure they will be “recognized” by the Percorsi Musicali platform as paying subscribers and by email we will provide complete credentials for further access.
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Please note:
After you subscribe to the magazine and every time you want to return on our website, pay attention to the drop-down menu under ABBONAMENTI and choose Area Abbonati. A box will appear where you enter your username and password.

Most of the articles are in Italian, but I also provide a translation service (with separate paid) for readers, musicians or scholars who want an English translation; for any reason you can contact me at my email: