Clemens Gadenstätter: Semantical investigations


One of the most difficult things for philosophers, critics and music scholars is to create a unique theory on mature listening: the quantity and variability of the elements involved are remarkable and all those who have dealt with issues related to the characteristics of listening and to its understanding, have appealed to the degree of knowledge or experience made in the field, trying

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Music writer, independent researcher and founder of the magazine 'Percorsi Musicali'. He wrote hundreads of essays and reviews of cds and books (over 2000 articles) and his work is widely appreciated in Italy and abroad via quotations, texts' translations, biographies, liner notes for prestigious composers, musicians and labels. He provides a modern conception of musical listening, which meditates on history, on the aesthetic seductions of sounds, on interdisciplinary relationships with other arts and cognitive sciences. He is also a graduate in Economics.