The best of 2019: a possible list

Philharmonisches Orchester, vom Zelt Musik Festival 2017 in Freiburg im Breisgau, Own work Author joergens.mi, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

In no order of importance or preference.

Classical, contemporary and extended music
Mark Andre, HIJ, Wergo
Edmund Finnis, The air, turning, Nmc R.
Maja Mijatovic, To catch a running poet, Neos R.
Holliger-Kurtag, Zwiegesprache, Ecm R.
Leo Svirsky, River without banks, Unseen Worlds
Franck Bedrossian: Twist, Edges, Epigram, Kairos R.
Stefan Weglowski: From 1 to 7, Kairos R.
Clemens Gadenstatter: Semantical investigations, Kairos R.
Lisa Streich: Augenlider, Kairos R.
Ramon Lazkano, Piano Works, Kairos R.
Mona Spigseth & TrondheimsSolistene, Piano, Ora Fonogram
Nirmali Fenn, The clash of icicles chamber music, Kairos R.
Compositori vari per Hélène Pereira, Azoth, colLegno
Compositori vari per Karin Hellqvist, Flock, Lawo
Three pieces in polytempic polymicrotonaly, Peter Thoegersen, New World R.
Glenn Branca, The third ascension, Mvd Audio
+singolarmente i pezzi:
Simon Steen Andersen, Trio
Michael Pelzel, Hagzusa cum Galsterei
Alexander Khubeev, Tactile Illusions

Italian Composition
Marco Momi, Almost Nowhere, Kairos R.
Osvaldo Coluccino, Interni, Kairos R.
Giorgio Netti, necessità di interrogare il cielo, Kairos R.
Vari compositori per Simone Beneventi, Wooden songs, Stradivarius
Claudio Ambrosini, Flute music, Stradivarius
Vari compositori per Quartetto Maurice, 4+1, Stradivarius
+singolarmente i pezzi:
Dario Calderone, Caleidoscopio
Clara Iannotta, Eclipse Plumage

Improvvisation (jazz, free improv, electroacoustic, compo-improv, etc.)
Anna Webber, Clockwise, Pi Recordings
Christian Lillinger: Open Form for Society, Plaist
Cooper Moore/Stephen Gauci, Studio Sessions vol. 1, Gaucimusic
Wschòd, Pinheiro/Kozera/Suchar, Clean Feed
Torn/Berne/Smith, Goldfingers, Ecm R.
Jordina Millà Benseny, Males Herbes, Sirulita
Jose Dias, After Silence vol. 1, Clean Feed
Alexander Hawkins, Iron into wind, Intakt
Perelman-Shipp, Efflorescence, Leo R.
Hume/May, Kill the lights, Leo R.
Spring Roll, Episode, Clean Feed
Fred Frith, All is always now – Live at the Stone, Intakt
Tanja Feichtmair, Omnixus and solo, Leo R.
Mat Maneri quartet, Dust, Sunnyside R.
Okkyung Lee, Cheol-Kkot-Sae, Tzadik R.
Yasumune Morishige/Yoko Ikeda/Takashi Masubuchi, Shade, Meena
Spacemusic Ensemble, Is okay okay is certified, Motvind
Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø/Daniel Lercher/Julie Rokseth, Off the coast, Sofa
Volumes, View, Vafongool R.
Sverdrup Balance, Isla Decepciòn, Setola di Maiale
Keith Jarrett, Munich 2016, Ecm R.
George Lewis & Roscoe Mitchell, Voyage and homecoming, Rogue Art
Matana Roberts – Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis, Constellation
Evan Parker, Chiasm, Clean Feed R./ Calenture and light leaks with Paul G. Smyth, Weekertoft

Italian Improvisation (jazz, free, electroacoustic, compo-improv, etc.)
Rosario Di Rosa Basic Phonetics, Crossroad blues, Deep Voice R.
Tobia e Michele Bondesan, Oak, Brotherhood, Aut Record
Davide Barbarino, Botanical Studies (with F. Gratkowski) e Duets (with M. Dresser), autoprod.
Gabriele Mitelli with Rob Mazurek, Star Splitter, Clean Feed R.
Silvia Cignoli, The Wharmerall, Pitch the noise R.
Acre+Ludovica Manzo, Different constellation, Aut Record
Fais/Salis/Sanna, Earthworms, Aural Tempel
Stermieri/Marzi/Furia, Banquet, Focus and flow, Setola di Maiale
Silent Fire (quartetto con Alessandro Sgobbio), Forests, Ampmusic
Roberto Bonati, Vesper and silence, Parmafrontiere
Marco Colonna, The second coming, Plus timbre
Massimo De Mattia Suonomadre, Riot!, Caligola R.
Setoladimaiale Unit with Evan Parker, Live at Angelica 2018, Setola di Maiale
REC vol. 1 (Lenoci, Martusciello, Ledda), Rec Festival autoprod.

Electronics, electroacoustic, field recordings, noise, drone, weird, computer music
Fennesz, Agora, Touch R.
Vanessa Rossetto, You & I are earth, Tone Glow R.
Chantal Dumas, Oscillations planetaires, eimprentes DIGITales
Annie Mahtani, Racines, eimprentes DIGITales
Lauren Redhead, Hearmleoþ—gieddunga, Panyrosas D.
Anthony Moore, Arithmetic in the dark, Touch R.
Oren Ambarchi, Simian Angel, Editions Mego
Loscil, Equivalents, Kranky
Officina F.lli Seravalle, Tajs, Zeit

Rock/pop/folk and borders
Fire! Orchestra, Arrival, Rune Grammofon
Kate Tempest, The Book of Traps and Lessons, Caroline International
Terry Riley & Amelia Cuni, The lion’s throne, Sri Moonshine
Sunn O)), Life Metal, Southern Lord R.
Stephen Thelen, Fractal guitar, Moon June Record
Lucy Rose, No words left, Arts and Crafts Productions
Jessica Pratt, Quiet signs, Mexican Summer
Deathprod, Occulting Disk, Smalltown Supersound
Bon Iver, i-i, Jagjaguwar
Battles, Juice B Crypts,  Warp R.
Black midi, Schlagenheim, Rough Trade R.

World music
Tinariwen, Amadjar,  Wedge
Ballako Sissoko & Baba Sissoko, Sissoko & Sissoko,
Saba Alizadeh, Scattered Memories, Karlrecords
Aziza Brahim, Sahari, Glitterbeat R.
Kayhan Kalhor, Rembrandt Frerichs Trio, It’s still autumn, Kepera R.
Khayat, Khmil’, Masterskaya
Sirom, A universe that roasts blossoms for a horse, Glitterbeat R.
Antonio Bertoni – Ongon, Exuvia, Loup Editions
Carl Stone, Baroo, Unseen Worlds

Essays/Books/Musicological writings
Francois-Bernard Mache, le compositeur et le savant face à l’univers sonore,Hermann
Aaron Copland and the American Legacy of Gustav Mahler, Matthew Mugmon, University of Rochester Press
Elliott Sharp, IrRational music, Terra Nova Press
Keith Rowe: The Room extended, Brian Olewnick, Powerhousebooks
Renzo Cresti, Musica presente, Lim R.

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