Best 2014 di Percorsi Musicali

Foto Quartetto Tokyo di David Mark da Pixabay
Questa è la lista, senza preferenza alcuna di posizione:
Lachenmann, Schreiben/Double
Dmitri Kourliandski, The riot of spring
John Luther Adams, Become ocean
Brian Ferneyhough, Complete works for string quartet & string trio
Robert Erickson, Complete string quartets
Mark Andre, Piano Music
Huck Hodge, Life is endless like our field of vision
Tigran Mansurian, Quasi parlando
Helena Tulve, Arboles lloran por Lluvia
Michael Gordon, Rushes
Lei Liang, Bamboo Lights
Thollen/Rogliano/Dillon/Roccato, The view from up
Hilliard Ensemble, Il cor tristo
Jacques Hétu, Complete chamber works for string
Askell Masson, Kammersinfonia, Elja, Ymni, Maes Owe

Nils Frahm, Spaces

Jazz/Free Jazz:
Michael Wollny, Weltentraum Live+Weltentraum
Arve Henriksen, Chron+Cosmic creation
Battaglia/Rabbia/Aarset, In memoriam
Jason Moran, All rise, a joyful elegy for Fats Waller
Marty Erlich Large Ensemble, A trumpet in the morning
Matthew Shipp, Root of things
Stephen Gauci, Chasing Tales
Sakata/Di Domenico, Iruman
Ensemble 5, The summary of 4 vol. 1/2
Carrier/Lambert/Lapin, Russian Concerts 1/2
Kaja Draksler, The lives of many others
Free Improvisation:
Vilde & Inga, Makrofauna
Peter Evans Quintet, Destination:Void
Sandro Sciarratta, Pietra
Jack Wright & Ben Wright, As if anything could be the same
Frank Gratkowski sextet, Skein
Matthieu Meltzger, Selfcooking

Mimmo/Blunt, Lasting ephemerals
Cosottini/Gagel, Pieces without memory

Elettronica/Elettroacustica/Computer Music
Peter Batchelor, Kaleidoscope
Matthew Burtner, Noise plays Burtner
Grykes, Sixspot burnet
Diana/Siwula/Valdes, Tesla coil
Loscil, Sea Island
Anjou, Anjou
Erik Honoré, Heliographs
David Helpling/Jon Jenkins, Found
Steve Roach, The delicate forever
Scott Walker & Sunn O))), Soused
Carla Bozulich, Boy
Hundred Waters, Moon rang like a bell
Stian Westerhus & Pale Horses, Malstroem
Swans, To be kind
Sonar, Static motion
Moster, Inner earth
John Cougar, Plain Spoken
Ryan Adams, Ryan Adams
Pink Floyd, The endless river
Imed Alibi, Safar
Aziza Brahim, Soutak
K-Space, Black sky
Massaro/Nigro, Agapi (potrebbe stare anche nell’improvvisazione jazz)
Gyorgy Ligeti, Il maestro dello spazio immaginario, Pustijanac
Boulez, Music and philosophy, Campbell
Karlheinz Stockhausen, Sulla musica, Maconie
Arcangelo Corelli: trecento anni dopo, Vari
Il suono del nord, Vitali
Articolo precedenteScott Walker e i Sunn O))))
Articolo successivoParlare “doppio” sull’improvvisazione: le virtù di Erika Dagnino tra saggi e nuovo cd
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